Myofascial Taping

Also known as Kinesio Taping, K Taping and Sports Taping. Myofascial taping is a great way to decrease muscle pain, whilst increasing range of movement and can enhance ability.

How Does It Work?

The physiological effects are achieved by new myofascial taping techniques for intensive taping techniques for intensive myofascial release, myofascial activation and correction of fascia course. Muscle, tendon and pain receptors are off-loaded an the normal muscle function is restored. The most valuable effect for clients is the reliable pain relief of acute and chronic myofascial pain in one therapy session – some consecutive applications make it long lasting.

Testimonial of Chris Pilkington – “The taping not only helped me during the activity, but kept on working after, so that I didn’t have any soreness or stiffness where I normally would.”

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